Friday, April 3, 2009

Indoor Picnic

The weather outside STILL is frightful which makes it the perfect time for indoor fun. To help avoid cabin fever this spring have an indoor picnic. Throw a blanket down on the floor and try a few of these ideas:

-Lunchables (kids love these - and this week at Macey's they are only $.91)
-Fun music playing in the background (like the Beach Boys or the Beatles)
-Card games (kids always love "Go Fish" or try out a new one like "Slamwich" available for $5 at Target)
-Rent a movie from Redbox (go to their website for free codes on Mondays!)
-Make cookies (or have another special treat) and let the kids eat as much as they want!

Don't forget to talk about what you will do this summer. Make plans with the kids about where you would like to have other picnics.

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