Monday, March 23, 2009

Rainy Days? Make your own cheery "Spring" indoors!

We have had a bit of good weather here in Utah lately but the warm is gone and has been replaced with rain, snow, wind, and cold. But we don't need to despair! With this easy craft you and the kids will feel like spring is just around the corner. My kids and I have made Snow Globes of all sorts. Here is my spring take on them!

Spring Snow Globes

What you need:
hot glue gun
jars with lids
things that remind you of spring (such as plastic flowers, fun spring beads or buttons, or perhaps little plastic butterflies or other insects - or whatever is bright and cheery hanging around the house)

Put your spring things in your jar and fill it with water. Get your glue gun hot and put glue around the rim of your jar (on the threads where the lid will go - this is a parents job). Quickly put the lid on the jar and let the glue harden. You're done! Make sure you talk to your kids about why they like spring and why they like their jar - and also what's inside their jar that makes them happy about spring! After all, it will be here before we know it!

(I found this picture at Family They call theirs a Spring No-Snow Globe. It's cute but a little more advanced then what I was thinking. Glad to find a picture of what I was thinking though!

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