Friday, February 27, 2009

My Left or Yours?!

Learning left and right can be hard for a kid, right? It's no fun being left behind is it?

Here is an easy way to teach your kids their left from their right. To show your kids how, follow these simple steps.

1. Have them put their left hand up like they are saying "stop."

2. Have them put their fingers together with their thumb sticking out (thumb pointing to the right).

Ta - da! You are done! They are now making the letter "L" with their pointer finger and thumb. Kind of like the "loser" sign with your fingers. But I would probably leave that part out to your kids. =) (When they look at their fingers it will look like an "L" from their view point - doing the same thing with their right hand will look like a backwards "L". You may have to point this out to younger kids as some do not understand that we form letters and words in a fixed way.)

Now when you are talking left and right with your kids and they ask questions, you can say, "Hold up your hands - which one makes an "L" for left?" This also is great for kids because it fosters independence as they learn directions.

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  1. One thing I do with my daughter is draw a heart on the bottom of one shoe and a flower on the other. And then it helps her know which shoe goes on which foot, but it goes further she remembers heart goes to my right and flower goes to my right. It helps her a ton, and makes it fun.