Friday, February 27, 2009

Activity: A pet rock

We have all heard of pet rocks. And there is no sense buying the one pictured here! Pet Rocks can be a simple and free activity to do with your kids, anytime.

Go outside and pick out the perfect rock for a pet. Bring it in and wash it if necessary, and dry it thoroughly.

Now pull out some markers (using markers alone is a privilege at our house) and have the kids decorate their pet rocks.

While they are decorating ask your kids questions like, "what is your pet rock's name?" "what do you like to do together" or "what games does your pet like to play?"

Talking about it gets kids to think about what they are doing and it also gives you a window into what your own kids interests are. This activity works for all age groups - older kids can decorate their pet rock more intricately while younger kids will think it is cool to color on a rock.

Last summer we did this a couple of times. We had pet "Jenny" around for quite a while - and it was perfect to have a "pet" that didn't have to be taken care of by mom! =) And when you do get sick of the pets in your kids rooms, tell the kids you have the best idea ever and that is time for their pets to guard the garden or the swing set or even the driveway! =)

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